Jak is a Minotaur with brown and tan fur/hair.


Jak is a Minotaur with brown and tan fur/hair. Jak has white horns that are stained red with blood from the animals that he hunted in his tribe at the tips of them and his horns go from the back of his head to the sides of his eyes. Jaks eyes are brown,he has brown and white hoofs from wander ing around so much. Plus he has a staff and a sling. And he has hide armour. The story behind his armour is in his back story.


Jak is Minotaur that was a mountain wanderer who explored the area and the mountains around his tribe that lived up in the mountains. And he was also a hunter for his tribe were he would always bring food back for his tribe one day he came back with a huge animal in his hands and his tribe was murdered so when has saw that they were all dead he made a promise that he would avenge his tribe so then he made his hide armour. But when he was looking through the bodies to see if any of them were still alive he noticed that his girlfreind who he was angauged to wasnt there so then he set off to find his girlfreind. So to the date Jak is not only looking for his girlfreind but he is avenging his tribe.


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